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Current projects

Here you will find projects that we are currently working on, or those that have recently been completed. Simply use your mouse wheel, finger or the tooltips on the right to scroll through the pages.


Concept | Production | Postproduction
Agency: pheno Berlin
Client: IG Metall

In 2022, works councils will be elected in Germany's companies. To attract attention, we shot a commercial in a Frankfurt studio.

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Concept | MotionDesign | Voice Over
Client: pheno berlin

We were asked to design and implement 3 video tutorials. In addition to the concept, the brief also included the development of a logo, as well as the complete implementation of all content such as sound clip, screencast and animations.

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Motion Design

Concept | MotionDesign | Voice Over
Agency: bock & gärtner
Client: Bertelsmann Stiftung

The Digital Pathguide is an application that enables companies to measure the degree of digitalization in business processes. Our task was to design a teaser and its graphic and musical layout.

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Motion Design

Graphics | Concept | Motion-, SoundDesign
Client: ver.di

Development of a comic design for a collective labor policy campaign of the trade union Ver.di. Implementation of the comic design in the form of two animated advertising trailers that were made available to members on a video platform for personalization.

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Marketing Mix

Web | Print | Graphicdesign
Client: Das Grosse Treffen

2022 the fantasy festival "Das Große Treffen" celebrates its premiere. Together with vagabon codes, move & shoot supports the developent of marketing instruments. In addition to websites with registration options and ticket sales, we will help designing print and social media as well as film trailers and score. The festival expects about 800 participants and 15 to 20 thousand visitors.

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Motion Design

Concept | MotionDesign
Agency: Pheno Berlin
Client: IG Metall

Every four years, the IG Metall "Vertrauensleute" meet at a conference to discuss current issues and challenges. This year, due to the Corona Pandemic, the conference will take place online. Our work consists of the design and implementation of all audiovisual media, such as advertising trailers or information presentations.

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Concept | Production | Realisation | Post
Agency: bock & gärtner
Client: Bertelsmann Stifung

The global megatrend of digitization will greatly change the way we do our daily work and familiar business models. The film in the 'Future of Work' project of the Bertelsmann Stiftung aims to provide impetus for understanding the digital transformation associated with digitization as an opportunity.

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3D Visualization

Concept | 3D | Motion Design | Voice
Client: Tesvolt GmbH

For Tesvolt GmbH, move & shoot produces photorealistic 3D films for use in distribution, training and sales. The films portray various product families of the company. Tesvolt is the German market leader in the field of energy storage systems. Our focus is on conceptualization, 3D, motion design and voice over.


Print | Graphics | Illustration
Client: Alcore GmbH

Development of a company logo and associated business equipment for Alcore from Berlin. Alcore is a holding company. Its affiliated companies work as architectural offices, urban developers and planners.

Virtual Reality

3D | Code | UI | Graphics | Implementation
Client: Mounting Systems
Team: Lexoro, HM, move & shoot

This Virtual Reality project makes it possible to study a technical construction via the Internet. Designed and implemented for the iPad, all elements can be controlled via an integrated user interface. Animations can be started within the application and additional information can be retrieved via the interface. The project is used in sales, academy and marketing.

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Production | Post | MotionDesign
Client: IGM

Documentation of a IG Metall conference on the topic "Solidarity in Times of Transformation of Labour". The work includes the film documentation of the congress, as well as the creation of interviews, lectures and motion design based on the overall CI of this conference series.

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Design & Implementation
Client: Team Gesundheit | Younion

Design and implementation of a responsive HTML newsletter for the Austrian trade union Younion. The newsletter is user friendly and modular, so that the customer can put the newsletter together anew in every issue and thus change its appearance.


3D | Texturing | Lighting | Rendering
Client: Mounting Systems

More than 100 products of the company Mounting Systems are transformed from CAD data into photorealistic render. The product images are an important component for marketing and sales.


Illustration | 3D | Drawing
Client: Sylvanas Garde

Logo development for a player association from the World of Warcraft community. The logo serves as an illustration to generate advertising material for a children's project.


Concept | Film | MotionDesign
Client: IG Metall

Video production of a series of online courses by the German Union "IG Metall". The content of this series is the handling of a specially developed software for works councils. The video series consists of a combination of video recordings showing the lecturers, screencast recordings and animations explaining how to use the software. So far we have produced 4 training courses.

Online training platform

knowledge transfer | work in progress

To enable our customers to operate websites or software applications independently and to continue joint projects on their own responsibility, we have created an online training platform. Here we provide specially produced instructional videos, which describe the procedure step by step.