Our current projects

work in progress

Here you will find projects that we are currently working on, or those that have recently been completed. Our current work is an addition to our portfolio. Simply use your mouse wheel, finger or the tooltips on the right to scroll through the pages.

Graphic Design

Business equipment
Client: Alcore GmbH

Development of a company logo and associated business equipment for Alcore from Berlin. Alcore is a holding company. Its affiliated companies work as architectural offices, urban developers and planners.


Webdesign, ITS, Graphics
Client: PerceptX
Team: Hausdorff-Mongré, move & shoot

Design of a website for the German start-up company Perceptx. Perceptx develops apps to detect machine downtime and technical faults based on sound signatures and optical parameters. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence play a decisive role in this process.

Virtual Reality

3D, Programming & Implementation
Client: Mounting Systems
Team: Lexoro, Hausdorff-Mongré, move & shoot

This Virtual Reality project makes it possible to study a technical construction via the Internet. Designed and implemented for the iPad, all elements can be controlled via an integrated user interface. Animations can be started within the application and additional information can be retrieved via the interface. This project is currently in the beta phase and will celebrate its premiere at the Intersolar 2019 in Munich.


Design & Implementation
Client: Team Gesundheit | Younion

Design and implementation of a responsive HTML newsletter for the Austrian trade union Younion. The newsletter is user friendly and modular, so that the customer can put the newsletter together anew in every issue and thus change its appearance.


Print- & Webdesign
Client: Scarpafit

Design of a website and all assets and elements for the company lexoro GmbH to present the App Scarpafit to the interested public. The website is optimized for presentation on different browsers as well as on mobile devices. A PDF with all features is available for offline use.



3D | Texturing | Lighting
Client: Mounting Systems

More than 100 products of the company Mounting Systems are transformed from CAD data into photorealistic render. The product images are an important component for marketing and sales.


Production | Post | MotionDesign
Client: IGM

Documentation of a IG Metall conference on the topic "Solidarity in Times of Transformation of Labour". The work includes the film documentation of the congress, as well as the creation of interviews, lectures and motion design based on the overall CI of this conference series.

film advertising

3D | Animation
Client: Raximo | sfxonline

Production of a Youtube advertisement. The advertisement was created exclusively with 3D models. Raximo manufactures brake and clutch levers for motorcycles. The advertisement supports the new introduction of a sporty brake lever.

3D Product-Development

Illustration | 3D | 3D Printing
Client: Just Juggling

Support in the development of a novel diabolo. Design of a 3D model for industrial processing.


Concept | Web | | Layout | Graphics
Client: Rifcon GmbH & Lexoro Tech

Development of a brand new website for Rifcon GmbH from Mannheim. The task includes the redesign of the company's graphical layout as well as the implementation of all content.


Concept | Film | MotionDesign
Client: IG Metall

Video production of a series of online courses by the German Union "IG Metall". The content of this series is the handling of a specially developed software for works councils. The video series consists of a combination of video recordings showing the lecturers, screencast recordings and animations explaining how to use the software. So far we have produced 4 training courses.

Online training platform

knowledge transfer | work in progress

To enable our customers to operate websites or software applications independently and to continue joint projects on their own responsibility, we have created an online training platform. Here we provide specially produced instructional videos, which describe the procedure step by step.



coffee break idea
work in progress

A little boy in search of love and trying to understand the world. It will not immediately be obvious to everyone why a little boy in an X-Wing fighter is being shot at by heavy guns. Well - there are no limits to your imagination and of course this is a cliffhanger....