We create graphics and compose music as the basis for many of our projects. We shoot and animate films. We build assets, whether photographic, illustrative or in 3D. We design, produce, create and implement. Here is a selection of our projects.

Current works

work in progress



Azad Visual Design

Concept | MotionDesign | Film

Deutsches Ärzteblatt

Concept | MotionDesign | Grafics | Voice


3D architectural visualization


Music | Composition | Orchestration


Concept | MotionDesign | Graphics | 3D


Concept | Web | Photography | Wording

Mounting Systems

Concept | 3D | Film | MotionDesign

IG Metall

Concept | MotionDesign | Graphics | Voice | 3D

20th Century Fox

3D | Compositing | Keying

Dynamic Biosensors

Film | Graphics | MotionDesign | Voice

Insight Teamwerk

Design | Type | Graphics | Print

Theater im Pädagog

Web | Design | Photography

IG Metall

Concept | MotionDesign | Graphics | Film


Our existing customers include trade unions, companies, state and federal ministries, NGOs, agencies, research institutions, film productions and television stations.

  • Communication concept developed jointly with Teamwerk with print products for plants in Germany and Spain.
  • In cooperation with Berteslmann, we develop various animated online workshops for editors of the United Nations.
  • For many years we have accompanied various internal and external communication campaigns of IG Metall with animations, documentaries and commercials.
  • We supervise a live event for the DGB in Cologne. This includes a live editing, documentaries and a complete show package with animated sequences.
  • Creation of the opening sequence for the award ceremony, as well as film editing and post-production of the documentary about the winner of the Africa Prize.
  • For the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk we realize a complete show package for the summer tours. This includes opening sequences for acts as well as the visual framework of the entire show in the CI of the MDR.
  • Together with the agency "Bock & Gärtner", we produce an image film for the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.
  • Together with the agency "Bock & Gärtner" we realize various image films, as well as a training course for bloggers of the Bertelsmann Stiftung on "Vlogging".
  • For the show event of the Norddeutscher Rundfunk "Sommertour" with many well-known music acts we design the complete screen stage layout.
  • Over the years, we have been designing the external communications measures of various Berlin state offices.
  • Together with the Berlin-based communications agency Kornberger & Partner, we implement numerous film, music, voice and animation projects.
  • For the Lübzer beer brand of the Carlsberg Brewery, move & shoot creates a 3D bottle game.
  • move & shoot produces, composes and orchestrates the title song for a TV commercial by Fonic GmbH (today Telefónica Deutschland).
  • For the Union 'Junge Bau' we produced various advertising films in cooperation with KP.
  • move & shoot creates various assets for a promotion of the cinema film night at the museum 3.
  • We create an animation of the logo for the Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft.
  • Together with Meditcon GmbH (today lexoro. tech) we realize website, print and UI projects for various customers.
  • move & shoot is engaged for an extensive 3D project for the company's new CI.
  • For internal strategic communications, we are commissioned to produce various print documents.
  • Commissioned by the agency Big Fish, we create the music for an advertising film.