Logo Design

Illustration, Graphics

Client: Sylvanas Garde

Word of Warcraft is one of the most played online games of our time. Sylvanas is one of the special characters of this game. As a former high elf she stands for steadfastness, dignity and strength. The player community "Sylvanas Gilde" from Germany not only plays this game with passion, but also tries to keep the virtues in our world alive. One of her heart projects is the support of children's hospices in Germany. That is why they founded an association with the help of which they can raise third-party funds from the gaming industry in order to help children and hospitals and create variety for the children. Our task is to design a logo that represents the character of Sylvanas in the context of the Gild's work, as well as a brochure to promote support in the economy.

In order to accomplish this task, we first had to familiarize ourselves with the world of the Sylvanas and find out who this warrior is at all. Her story is sad and heroic at the same time. As a warrior and leader, she is considered one of the most powerful characters in Word of Warcraft. Her weaponry consists of a bow and arrow and she wears an impressive armour, which basically consists of nothing more than a torn coat and a shoulder harness equipped with skulls. Her eyes are glowing red since she was brought back to life from the Underworld.