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Aposmos | Vasileios Tzikas

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Aposmos is a word creation and stands for the separation and melting of life, the rise and the fall, the conqueror and the loser, who will start again from the beginning. On his travel through time and the countries of his past and present life, Vasileios met with different artist and musicians to produce his upcoming album. It contains a variety of musical short stories, a set of 13 different tracks, which paint a sometimes heroic, sometimes dark picture of what life can be about.The release date will be late december 2017, on vinyl and cd.


Compoed & produced by Vasileios Tzikas
Orchestrated by Vasileios Tzikas and the creative inspiration of the musicians
Production supervisor: Stefanos Babis, Nikos Karadosidis
Production manager: Konstantina Kardara
Recorded at One Hour Before The Trip Studio in Athens, Greece, 2015
Sound engineer: Stefanos Babis
Mixed: Vasileios Tzikas at BnT prod studio
Mastered: Anestis Psaradakos at Athens mastering Studio

  • Drums: Thanasis Moisidis
  • Double Bass: Kostas Arsenis
  • Guitars, Mandolin, Melodica and Keys: Vasileios Tzikas
  • Kanun: Panos Dimitrakopoulos
  • Harp: Konstantina Christou
  • Violin, Viola & loop fx: Fotis Siotas
  • Violin: Tasos Gousetis
  • Viola: Paris Rozakis
  • Cello: Vagelis Bakalos
  • Piano: Maria Pelekanou
  • Flute: Konstantina Kardara
  • Trombone: Giorgos Agelakis
  • Nay: Giorgos Amarantidis
  • Keys, scores: Nikos Karadosidis
  • Artwork Painting: Androniki Chila
  • Digital Artwork: Florian Kapfer
  • Videography: Tilemachos Manos

© 2017, Aposmos, BnT prod music V.T. & move & shoot